Saturday, February 05, 2011

Who is teaching whom?

This evening, as with most every night, Wiggles refused to lay down in her bed. I rocked her, read to her, sang to her, prayed with her, tucked 'Julianna', 'Cinderella', 'Tiny Baby' and 'Lambie' all in beside her, tucked the blankets snuggly around her - and she continued to sit up, despite my many efforts to lay her down. Frustrated, I finally said (firmly and perhaps a little too impatiently), "(Wiggles) lay down right now!" She calmly stated "Mommy, I'm not gonna yay down when you talk just yike that!" Sufficiently reprimanded, I politely asked, "(Wiggles), will you please lay down?" To which she responded "Yes! That's a very good word!" and promptly laid down. Unfortunately it only lasted a second or two, and she was sitting up and we were starting all over again - but the reminder was just what I needed to remain calm as I put her to bed! :) ..........oops, I was going to post a picture but I just heard her hop out of bed again....duty calls, patience in check.

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