Tuesday, February 01, 2011


One of these days I will figure out how to post a video on here and then you will all be able to enjoy Wiggles' singing. For now, though, I just have to note (so I never forget) how much this girl loves to sing, and how much music means to her!

Sunday, on the way home from church, she was INCREDIBLY cranky, as she was extremely short on sleep (short nap + late bedtime + waking up at 5 am = not enough rest!!!) She started to fuss the moment we buckled her into her seat, and probably would have whined/complained/cried and carried on the entire 20 minute drive, but fortunately I remembered to redirect her in the way of music. (Her voice is SO much sweeter singing than screaming, let me tell you!)

She was too tired to come up with new songs on her own, so I recommended songs and she would sing the ones she wanted to. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, all 5 verses of Where Is Thumbkin, One Little Finger, Open, Shut Them, I Love To See The Temple and The Chapel Doors and Popcorn Popping were all winners. If You're Happy And You Know It was not. (If I mentioned it, she started crying - but all the rest cheered her up. Ironic.)

She sang all of them by herself and it was beautiful. It is so tender, so innocent, and so pure. I truly don't think there is any sweeter, more delicious sound to my ears than my sweet Wiggles singing. It is, as they say, music to my ears.

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