Monday, August 09, 2010

My Little Man

Dear Grins,
I can't believe how much you've grown! SLOW DOWN! How I wish I could go back to you as the happiest baby on the block - patient, happy, content and giggly. Of course, then I would miss the big boy you have become.

You are such a gem. What would I do without you, my son? You are the calm one between your spirited sisters. Yet you remain so sensitive, always stroking me gently, giving me kisses, and making sure everyone is happy. You are ever the peacemaker, always giving in when you and your (usually older) sister are arguing over something. "(Angel), you can have this seat if you want it, I'll choose another one." You have your own opinions about things, but making peace is more important to you than getting your way. Even today you gave Angel half of your brand new silly bands, because she wanted them. Now that's love!

(Grins, 3 yrs old)

You are quite the ball of energy! I love seeing you RUN back and forth, around and around in the house. And the way you hold your hands up when you run is just too cute! You do enjoy your pedicures (since I won't paint your fingernails!) and do occasionally dress up, but you are certainly a BOY, through and through! You love Dinosaurs, Cars, Trucks, Batman, Spiderman, and all things sports. You want to be a Pilot when you grow up. You love helping Daddy build and fix things. Everything turns into a weapon or a 'whacker' (sticks/etc used to hit anything - and everything - around you.) And you can already outrun your (older) sister!
(Grins, 2 yrs old, with Teddy)

You are growing up in other ways as well! You still love Puppy, Blankie and Teddy, but you no longer require them to sleep. And you are really becoming courageous! For example, you are (finally!) willing to use public restrooms with 'black eyes' (automatic motion-detected flushers) as long as I cover up the 'black eye'. This is a big step! You also have a keen eye for right vs. wrong, but you love everyone. "Oops! He's drinking coffee." or "Uh-oh, that (shirt-less) man forgot his modesty." or, my personal favorite, "Oops, she's 'cigaretting'!" "But Jesus said love everyone so I still love them."

(Grins, 1 yr old)

You love your family so much, and will do anything to protect your sisters from any possible threat (such as a bee, a spider, or someone 'being mean'). You told me the other day "I love my family SO much! Even more than food!" That's when I knew things were serious! :)

(Grins, 1 day old)

You are such a joy! You have the most infectious giggle, and I LOVE your dimples when you smile. Please, my son, remember who you are. Treasure your meekness, your gentleness, and the love you have in your heart. These characteristics will serve you well.

I love you, my sweet 4 year old!

Love, Mommy

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Us, the Gilson's said...

What a cute idea!!! I love the pictures of the previous years -- so quickly we forget!