Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Enjoying the Casco Bay

Some new friends invited us to go boating on the Casco Bay with them and we had a BLAST! The kids had never been boating before, at least as far as I can remember, and this was definitely an eye opener for them! Speed boats are windy and bumpy - so it took a little while for them to warm up to the idea (note Grins' face and Wiggles clinging to me for dear life!) At first they (especially the younger 2) were shouting "Stop! Let's go back! Scary!" and so on. But I finally distracted them by pointing out the buoys - and once Wiggles started saying "booo-eeeee" none of us could stop laughing, and even Grins loosened up and started enjoying the ride.

We started at Cousins Island and went around the bay. We saw seals, lighthouses, other islands, and were just headed back around when we hit a sandbar (oops!), resulting in lots of loud noises and jolts. After a moment of panic and Grins freaking out, he suddenly shouted "Wait! We won't drown! We're on sand! It's OK!" It was so cute! Fortunately our 'Captain' did an excellent job maneuvering us out of the sand bar and we made it home safely, and with the boat in one piece! :)

We love living so near the beautiful ocean!!

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Happy birthday - Grins!!!