Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tonight as I'm tucking my little dears in....

Angel refuses to sleep under the covers; instead, she insists on sleeping on top of her bedspread "so I won't have to make my bed in the morning."

Grins tells me "Mommy, today I saw one man showing his chest (not wearing a shirt) that wasn't private (modest) and another man smoking. That's not good, but Mommy, Jesus said 'Love Everyone' so I still love them."

Wiggles says "Ni-night, No! No bed time!" and, in an effort to keep herself awake, begins singing along with the Mr:

Wiggles: "BIRD"
Mr: "..or look at the blue, b...."
Wiggles: "SKY"
Mr: (laughing)
(Totally unrelated picture of how I find my kids almost every morning - Angel and Grins reading to Wiggles. I love it!)


Cam and Shae said...

Oh Sarah I miss you so much:( How is Maine I way want to come out sometime maybe next summer? Miss your cute family.

Christina said...

i had the best day with my kids today, too. somedays make up for all the hard ones.