Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Goals

Our Family Home Evening tonight was about "Organizing (our)selves" - and turned into a goal-setting planning session for the summer. We talked about the importance of setting goals and organizing priorities and managing our time usefully. I encouraged each of us to think of a goal, either for ourselves personally, or for our family as a whole. I was excited to see what the kids came up with, and must say I was pleasantly surprised. They had some great ideas:

Summer 2010 Family Goals:

~Ride our bikes without training wheels (Grins)
~Get better prepared for Emergencies by updating our 72-hours kits (Angel) (I think she remembers last time we did it, when they got to eat all the almost-out-dated snacks!)
~Potty train Wiggles (Grins) - we all got a kick out of that one!
~Continue having Family Home Evening each week, even when the Mr is working 80 hrs/week (The Mr.)
~Plan and carry out a family Service Project at least once a month (Mommy), such as
-"that house we saw has VERY long grass. I think they have NEVER mowed their lawn. Maybe they are too old or too sick or too tired or don't have children to help with their yard work. I think we should help them mow their lawn." (Angel) (apparently she thinks children help with yard work? except in our family?)
- "visit sick, old ladies" (Grins)
- "take treats to all our neighbors" (Angel)
- "write little notes for people" (Angel)

I love hearing my children come up with ideas. They are sometimes much more creative than me, and I am always amazed at their generosity and willingness to serve. I need to be more like them!

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