Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still Laughing.....

My kids seriously make me laugh SO MUCH! I LOVE it! Just a few examples from this past week:

Grins (talking to me) - Mom! (then, when I didn't answer right away) HEY, you OLD LADY! (Maybe this should have offended me but it made me laugh SO HARD!)

Angel- (In response to my question "How did you get so ______(sweet, cute, smart, big, etc)?") I was just made that way!

Grins - Daddy, (Angel) and I are going to take a shower! Do you and Mommy want to take a shower with us? We can have a whole family shower!! (The Mr. replied "I don't think that's a good idea because we wouldn't have our own privacy") Grins thought for a moment and said "How about if we all just look at the wall?" (We finally consented to having a "family shower" in our bathing suits - short and very crowded, but the kids LOVED it! Ah, the simple pleasures in life.)

Wiggles keeps us entertained, of course, without words....just watching her toddle around everywhere makes me laugh out loud. It's amazing how someone with such an unsteady gait can get around so quickly and with so little accidents - although she does frequently run into walls since she's so busy looking around while she's walking! I shouldn't laugh at her but it seems to distract her from any discomfort and it's just so irresistibly cute!


Amy said...

I love the shower story! Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love the shower comment;)

Timani said...

Family shower cracks me up. Funny they offered to look at the wall. When our kids were younger (and we didn't have so many) while traveling we'd take opportunity to get a hotel room w/ a huge jacuzzi tub and have a family bathtub party in our suits. My kids loved it.