Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Week

Has it really been a whole week since I posted? Wow? Shameful. I guess such is evidence that things have been even busier than normal this past week. I started a new job 2 weeks ago and, while I am very much enjoying it, am still adjusting to the schedule. This means that, in addition to managing apartments, I am now working 3 part-time jobs for a combined total of 50 hours a week. Yikes! I feel like a college student again. :) For the most part, it is working out and I know things will be winding down within a few months, but it has been slightly crazy lately. Fortunately I have a very supportive husband - partially because he is just naturally wonderful and supportive in everything I do, and partially because he recognizes that my crazy hours are footing the bill for his ever-increasing medical tuition. :) The great thing, though, is that my newest job allows me to bring my little sweethearts with me and spend some quality time with them while I'm working. It is wonderful and I am loving it. A bit busy at times, but so worth it to be able to be with them and still provide for the family.

Another new 'development' is that I've been trying to be more structured in the time I spend with the kids. We had toyed with the idea of putting "Angel" in preschool but decided against it because I really just want more time with her. Instead, I got a big book of ideas for preschool topics, lessons, activities, etc. and have been trying to implement them. It has been AWESOME!! "Grins'" attention span is all of about 30 seconds but "Angel" is happy to sit and listen to me as long as I can talk/read/etc. She is absolutely loving it!!

This past week we discussed the Human Body, Winter and Snow. It was so much fun! We traced our bodies in chalk on the sidewalk, talked about differences in our bodies ("Mommy has a BIG bum, I have a SMALL bum" made me feel great, let me tell you!), and did activities with our bodies such as noises, movements and shapes. It is just amazing what kids will come up with sometimes! We also spent a day on snow and winter, since I am HOPING that winter is drawing to a close and we are entering SPRING! I've just been reading the Eyre's "Values Parenting" book and have decided to start incorporating Values in our 'lessons' as well. And because I am already writing down my menu plan for the week, I figure I'll just add my planned activities too and just turn this post into my own little weekly planner. So, if you're bored, check back later for exciting posts. Or, if you have any great ideas, feel free to share! :) Have a great week!

Menu Plan:

Sunday - Soup (Artichoke/Asiago soup and Butternut Squash soup), crusty bread, green salad
Monday - spring rolls, rice, steamed broccoli
Tuesday - soft tacos (black beans, refried beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado), pear/blue cheese salad
Wednesday - clam chowder, wheat rolls, corn
Thursday - margarita pizza (from Costco), green salad, fruit salad
Friday - left overs
Saturday - chicken pot pie, steamed baby carrots

Lesson Plan:

Value of the Month: Respect
Monday - Hands & Fingers (sign language, play-doh, fingerprints)
Tuesday - Letter U (Mom's group preschool)
Wednesday - Hands & Fingers (finger painting, handprints, guessing tactile objects while blindfolded)
Thursday - Legs & Feet (3-legged race, dancing, picking up objects with toes)
Friday - Legs & Feet (painting with our feet, jumping, skipping, animal footprint game)


Ma Fitz said...

I am shaking my finger at you. I absolutely DO NOT want the snow to melt. It's my least favorite time of year when all the beautiful white gives way to brown spots and junk, etc. I LOVE snow! Love it. I loved that it was snowing tonight, huge giant flakes that looked like white pancakes falling from the sky. Can't we all just get along??? :-)

Alex said...

You are amazing Sarah! Are you sure that it is humanly possible to do all of that in a week? I am inspired to do more. You probably get more done in a day than in a whole week. Props to you!