Sunday, April 15, 2012

Toys R Us

Have you ever seen a 6-story toy store?  Neither had we, until we visited the ToysRUs in Manhattan!  WOW!

The children were quite nervous around the Jurassic park exhibit!
They look absolutely thrilled to be taking another picture, don't they?!  :)

 Another life-sized Lego exhibit:
Empire State Building
 Not pictured: Statue of Liberty, King Kong, and a whole bunch of Star Wars Characters / buildings / etc.

Super heroes:

Indoor Ferris Wheel:

Yes, that's right!  There is a Ferris Wheel INSIDE the center of the store!  Incredible!  Of course, we couldn't select what 'car' we sat in - and we got Scooby Doo (Angel wanted the "Barbie" car, Wiggles wanted "Dora" and Grins would have chosen "Cars" but they were all good sports and we enjoyed the (short) ride in Scooby just fine! :)

 Another CGI image - (they were all over the place!)... the employees lure the kids in, snap a quick shot with Geoffrey and want $30 for a 3 by 5 fake photo.  No thank you!

I'm not sure what sort of creature/character this is, and I'm pretty sure Grins isn't either....but he wanted a picture because it 'looks cool'!

And Angel wanted a photo with King Candy (from Candyland), of course! :)  (Even though it's blurry...)

We had a lot of fun building 'creatures' with these new building toys:

Even Wiggles enjoyed it!

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