Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brooklyn Children's Museum

While we were in NYC, we decided to head across the Brooklyn Bridge to check out the Brooklyn Children's Museum - and are we glad we did!  We spent several hours and stayed until closing and enjoyed every minute of it!

Upon entering the museum, one is greeted by a large, brightly lit tunnel, housing a water feature.

I love seeing the various culture exhibits in the different Children's Museums we visit....

Angel and Wiggles enjoyed the Asian basket boat (and chinese hats!)

Grins enjoyed practicing his penmanship on Chinese characters.

And who doesn't want to dress up as a Dragon?!

One room featured dance shows from many different cultures, as well as corresponding dance outfits to try on.  Wiggles decided to mix all of the cultures at once and dance her own jig:

And sweet Angel, ever the dancer, tried to dress up and dance each different culture's show with precision.

What Children's Museum would be complete without some sort of supermarket?  Angel wrote herself a little shopping list and straightaway got to work....

Grins helped, of course.

Upstairs we found a 'circle' room, offering various different exhibits involving circles.  One of the exhibits displayed how things spin, and featured the most adorable 3 year old! :)

Wiggles also enjoyed pulling on the pulleys

Wiggles built this bridge completely on her own!  One minute I saw her lifting a block, the next, I looked back and found her placing the keystone!  My baby is growing up!

Building blocks can always keep my children occupied for hours!

While most Children's Museums include some of the 'standard' exhibits, such as bubble making or water features, supermarkets, and cultural exhibits, I am always anxious to see what sort of unique exhibits each Children's museum has!  Brooklyn offers a "Pizza and Spumoni Shop", where the children serve as waiters/waitresses and seat parents at tables, offer menus and collect orders, then return to the kitchen to create pizzas (from felt ingredients) and spumoni.  What fun!!

We also really enjoyed the moped/ motor scooter!  Wiggles surprised me and made me laugh when she said, "(Angel), you be the boy, and I'll be the girl.  You sit here (in front) and I'll sit behind you and hug you."  I have no idea where she came up with that, but it was hilarious!  And Angel, the good sport, went along with it.

The circle exhibit also included a giant tire - we found all of the children hiding in it at one point! :)

Angel the artist LOVED the little easel desks the museum offered....I would love to build her one of these!

This is the reason I don't have many pictures of's so difficult to keep all 3 children interested in the same exhibits for the same amounts of time (with their different age levels, attention spans, and interests), so early on, we ended up 'splitting up' - the Mr. with Grins, and me with the girls.  Grins very much enjoyed the very rare one-on-one Daddy time!  And I very much enjoyed having an extra set of hands/eyes to help with my 3 busy little explorers!!

Grins and Gears.

All in all, a wonderful day!!

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