Sunday, July 03, 2011

Portland Museum of Art and McClellan House

The children try their 'serious' faces, keeping with the period.

The children 'pose' in their period clothing.
This past week, we visited the Portland Museum of Art.  While it contained some beautiful pieces, it is not likely a place we will visit again.  We were followed around as though we were criminals!  Though The Mr. and I were both there, and our children were very well behaved (walking quietly with their arms behind their backs, whispering, etc.), there was always at least one 'guard' following every move we made.  It was quite disconcerting.  And unexpected, given the fact that Angel's Kindergarten class took a field trip there earlier in the year.  Perhaps I'm just used to attending museums in Utah, where people are more accustomed to children.  Is this normal?

I was also somewhat put off by the nude sculpture in the very front of the museum.  I understand some people enjoy the 'beauty of the human body', but it is not the style of art I enjoy, and I don't appreciate it taking the 'front and center' display of a museum.

The one room we DID enjoy, however, was the "children's room" in the McClellan House.  They had some toys and nice activities for the children to enjoy, and it was a welcome reprieve from the much more rigid security of the rest of the museum!

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