Friday, July 08, 2011

An Injury and A Date Night

Today was a beautiful example of how a challenge can, in reality, be a blessing in disguise.

This morning, Grins sustained a sizeable injury to his toe.  He was wearing flip flops and standing next to the door, knocking.  When the door was opened, it met with his toe, slicing it in 2 places as a result.  A much larger injury than you would imagine given the mechanism of injury.  He cried and refused treatment for a good hour but finally, after some lunch and a chance to calm down, he consented to a gentle cleaning.  (Only after many attempts.  What finally worked was me offering a baby wipe embedded with a small teddy bear pattern - I told him the teddy bear would be kissing his 'owie'.  And magically, he allowed it!)

Interestingly, he would only allow cleaning if he could do it himself!  Most people I know are better off when they can't see the injury - they'd rather look away.  Grins, however, insisted on watching - and then doing - the cleaning himself.  He even giggled and said "The Teddy Bear's kisses really tickle!"  He especially like shooting (aka irrigating) the wound with the 'squirt gun' (a medical syringe).  Amazing how terminology is everything in an injury!

Aside from his good attitude about his injury, what made the day so special was the 'date' he and I shared as a result.  We had planned to go swimming as a family, but this plan was thwarted by Grins' new open wound. So, it was decided that Daddy would take the girls swimming, while I had the pleasure of a date with Grins (a much too rare occurrence lately!)  This proved a special treat indeed!

No sooner had the girls and The Mr. left than Grins wanted to write them "I Miss You" signs.  Then he wanted to pick some raspberries from the garden.  And then make them cards.  What a little dear!  Instead of relishing his 'alone time', he spent it in the service of his sisters!
In case you have trouble reading words in which the letters are scrambled :), Grins wrote our names and then "i miss u".  While writing, he said "I never knew I had a 'NO' in my name!"

Next, we spelled our names with dominoes.  Actually, Grins spelled while I watched.  He is SO entertaining to watch - his tongue protruding between his pursed lips while he's concentrating, and his dimples when he's proud of his work.

Then the conversation turned to his upcoming birthday, and the potential of a party to celebrate.  I asked who he'd like to invite, and I had to laugh at his responses:

"Alden, Angel, Isabelle......I have to invite Isabelle, because Angel said she will only come to my birthday party if I invite Isabelle (Isabelle is one of Angel's friends from school; Grins has only met her once!)....Chloe and Inara.  And that's 5, and I'm turning 5, so that's all." (Our family rule is you may invite as many friends as you are years old.  I was surprised he remembered this, as I've only ever discussed this with Angel.)

When I explained that he could invite anyone he wanted, and was not constrained by Angel's requests/demands, he said "OK, then I will take Isabelle off the list and add....what is the boy's name in Angel's class who wears glasses?  I want to invite him."  

It took me a moment, but I finally realized he was talking about Joseph, a special needs boy in Angel's kindergarten class.  When I asked why he chose Joseph, he said "Because he always seems sad and I think he might need friends, so I'll be his friend!"

Seriously, could this little man of mine be any sweeter?  Grins, you are such a joy and blessing in my life!  You warm my heart more than I ever dreamed possible.  It is a privilege and honor to be your mother.  This little alone time was so precious, and the perfect reminder that we ought to schedule time together more often!  We'll certainly not wait until the next injury to plan a date!!

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