Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your Ideas, Please??

As you may know, the Mr. is nearing (a long-awaited) graduation from Medical School in just a few months! Since he's worked so hard and has handled everything so beautifully, I would love to do something special for him to celebrate. But since I am lacking in the creativity department, I would love any ideas any of you may have. Keep in mind we are on a very limited student budget (as in, the cheaper, the better) but I do want this to be special. I am working right now to save aside a little 'celebration money'. :)

Some ideas I've come up with:

~Dinner at Five Alls (he's wanted to eat there ever since I can remember but I've never heard anything about it....does anyone have experience/know details such as pricing, ambiance, etc?)

~A Party or Get-Together of Sorts (possibly medically themed with scalpels for knives, face prosciutto, brain jello, etc - I know the Mr. would enjoy it but is that too grotesque for guests?)

~A little vacation (since he'll be working at least 80 hours per week for the next 4 years of his life!)

....that's all I have come up with, which is why I'm asking for your clever thoughts and suggestions! :)


Jana said...

Your ideas are great! I especially loved the medically themed party. And of course I'm always down for vacation! Go stay at a hotel in Park City! Shae knows a good one to stay at...

Steve and Katie said...

You don't need ideas! Yours are great. I like the Medical theme party too. I think most people would think it was cool. And again like Jana said, getaways are always nice. Good luck in the last few months!!

Visible Voice said...

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