Monday, February 23, 2009

Angel the fashion diva

Angel has always loved dressing up, but lately she has taken to dressing up her younger sister. Every single day, she picks out an outfit, complete with socks, shoes and a hat or a headband, for the baby. But one morning she went the extra mile and added another accessory, all by herself:

Her fashion sense is rubbing off on Grins as morning I went looking for him since he had been alone - and QUIET - in the bathroom for a while, which usually means trouble. This is what I found:

My kids are seriously funny. Who needs TV?


Jennie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I agree, I have a feeling that 3 is going to be way easier than the first 2! I hate that some people have the nerve to tell me (especially when they don't have 3 yet) that 3 is the hardest.

I already have my two older girl "helpers" who pretty much can take care of their own right now and are going to be helpers when the baby comes. I'm going to have much more help this time around from my girls.

I think the hardest is when you have a newborn and a barely 2 year old...which are both babies and no one else older to help out! Those days are gone, now there will always be someone older! Phew!

Nina said...

LMAO. That boy is a crackup! Sounds like something Ice would do.