Thursday, March 19, 2009


All 3 are napping at the same time - don't think this has EVER happened before, at least since I can remember. :) Going to take advantage and fold the 4 loads sitting on the dryer, start on dinner, and mop the kitchen floor...

but first I have to jot down the latest 'kid-isms' lest they are forgotten: (It's been TOO long since my last post, simply because what with planning a very large medical student event, trying to keep up with Angel's reading lessons, getting through potty training Grins, trying to train Wiggles to sleep on her own, plus my own very serious bout of mastitis that nearly landed me in the's been a busy few weeks. Now just trying to catch up on the housework, etc.)

First, there is the pronunciation of words. I'm sure they are't unique but they are so endearing and I hope my kids always speak this way:

Angel -
~prastic/prasticing (practice)
~pretect (protect)

Grins -
~bizanya (lasagna)
~lellow (yellow)
~swain (train)

Then, there's the events:

We RARELY watch TV in any version (movie, TV or otherwise) but the kids were given "Horton Hears a Who" for Christmas so we had a special family movie night and watched it together. Great flick but unfortunately has some language issues; Angel the other day was angry at me for some reason or another (seems to happen more frequently these days, since I'm either "not a very nice mom" or "the best mom EVER!", depending on her frame of mind at any given moment....anyhow, she said, "Mom, you idiot!" (a word she could only have learned from Horton) to which I said "Excuse me?" Without skipping a beat she sad "Mom, your name is Lydia." Would that I had such a quick wit about me.

When I put her hair in pigtails and then she examined herself in the mirror: "I look like an airplane!" (um..really? ok. how about a ponytail?)

We were playing "Pirates" the other day - during which we are each in a "boat" (the couch, a basket, a pillow, etc). Angel dumped out a box of balls and I said "wow! Balls! Are those our cannon balls?" She answered "No! They're pirate heads!" Yikes! Where does she come up with these things? :)

Grins is the ever-sensitive little gentleman. He is quick to soothe either sister if ever they are sad by saying "It's ok, (sister). I'm here. (Grins) is here. Don't worry. I'll pretect you." I cherish his sensitivity but have to remember to take things slow with him - a few weeks ago we visited a candy factory and he was HORRIFIED - he seemed to think we were at an airport and would be "going up" and insisted on being carried (which was somewhat of a challenge with Wiggles in the front pack, and holding Angel's hand, but mothers with 3 ages 3 and under must learn to juggle, mustn't we?). He was terrified - although his tension eased considerably once a piece of chocolate was sampled....a boy after my own heart, I tell you.

Next big adventure: Theatre movie. My children had never been to the theatre so when Oma and Opa offered to treat us to Velveteen Rabbit, the Mr. and I thought it would be a special treat. Grins literally jumped into the Mr.'s arms and clung to his neck with all his might. Again, the tension eased once the actual show had begun, but it took quite a bit of coersion to keep him there at first. Who knew what great lengths we would go to to get our child to watch a movie!

Latest hurdle: the wind. Yes, my son is truly afraid he is going to blow away. At the slightest gust - no, the gentlest puff - of wind or breeze, he comes running to me and CLINGS with all his might to whatever part of me he can grab hold of (usually the pant leg, although hair, clothing, and even certain unmentionable parts have all been squeezed). I ought to just get the poor kid a leash, but as long as I remain within an arm's reach at all times while we're outside, he's ok.

I feel guilty for feeling this way when my sweet little innocent son is so terrifed, but I find his phobias hilarious. It's just so funny to see him get so worked up over something I know is very benign and safe. Don't worry - I try VERY hard to keep my humor concealed. But I suppose that's how our Father in Heaven views us at times. And, I have to admit, I love how much he trusts me to protect him. And I love his sensitivity - I know he gets much of it from his father, and I think it will serve him well in life.

Although there are days I am pulling my hair out, overall I am just overwhelmed with how much I love these sweet little pure and innocent souls. They are truly the light of my life and the most meaningful 'things' to which I have ever devoted my time. They make it so hard to think of anything else and I'm afraid my friendships, career and housework have all seemed to go by the wayside, but truly, I am happier than I can ever remember being in my whole life. I cherish these moments and I, while I know it's a fantasy, I wish and hope and pray that I can stay in this moment, with my children these ages, forever. They are perfect.

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