Monday, November 03, 2008

No baby yet.....I'm just growing a brain!

Could the last 2 weeks of pregnancy be any longer? And yet, I know whenever the 'big day' arrives, and we have entered the 'twilight zone' with our beloved little newborn, the pregnancy will have seemed to fly by and I'll look back and long for my nights of uninterrupted sleep and the ability to keep my shirt dry (you nursing mothers know what I'm talking about!).

Yesterday in church EVERYONE looked at me and said "What are you still doing here?!" "Where is that baby?" "Oh, you poor thing"...and so on. Which didn't make me feel all that special. Until one sweet sister said "You hang onto that baby as long as you can! Recent studies have shown that during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy the fetus' brain develops at exponential rates, and that each day is vital in the brain's development. Each day! It's worth it!!" While I've never heard of such a study, it really made me stop and think. Rather than search for a source to validate her claim, I am going to choose to believe these sage words simply to make these next few days/weeks seem 'worth it'. Rather than focus on my heartburn, my need to use the bathroom every 2 minutes and my aching back, I'm going to be grateful that I have a body that is able to conceive, nurture and bear healthy children so easily. And rather than be frustrated at being unable to plan anything in my life for the next month, I am going to enjoy the mystery of wondering what I'll be doing and where I'll be when my new little daughter will courageously leave the arms of her loving Heavenly Father to join our humble little family here on earth. I am going to recognize what an incredible and divine miracle I am taking part in - the miracle of life.

So, right now, I'm just growing my little girl a brain.

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Ma Fitz said...

All brains and no baby? Ha ha! I think that's a great way of thinking of it because nature (that would be God) set the whole thing up so those babies come when they're good and ready. I think it's lovely to let them come by His schedule rather than ours or the doc's, don't you?