Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Lesson in Prayer from my two little Angels

Once upon a time, I would have told you I never wanted to have a second child, for fear he/she would take time away from the beautiful, perfect little daughter around whom my life revolved. But on days like today, I am SO grateful that my daughter got a sibling. Does she ever lose some of my attention on his account? Of course. But she gains SO much more - she gains a brother; a little blue-eyed, tow-headed wonder who adores her more than life itself, who (most of the time) worships the ground she walks on. She has gained someone to direct (aka BOSS) around, a shadow, a playmate, a cohort in crime, a best friend. And it brings me so much joy.

I LOVE when I am busy cleaning, cooking, or putting my feet up while eating bon-bons on the couch (ha ha!) and I overhear them playing. Of course, there are moments the playing develops into quarreling and I must intervene - but I try to stay out of them as much as possible because I simply love listening to them!!

Yesterday, Grins was trying with all his might to remove a toy from a tightly-wedged hiding place. When he started getting frustrated, his older sister said "It's OK, (Grins). Let's just say a prayer and Heavenly Father will help us." I then listened as she proceeded to utter a simple "Please help us get the toy" prayer, after which the toy was, of course, easily removed (who, especially a loving Father, could resist such a request?!) I sat there marvelling at these sweet little spirits with whom I spend my every waking moment. How truly blessed I am!


Ma Fitz said...

That is sweet! And I bet you don't worry quite so much about having a 3rd as you did about having a 2nd. By now you realize that love just multiplies, never divides.

How are you feeling???

Jennie said...

So sweet. I know just what your talking about. I do the same with my girls (listening in on their play time). They would be so sad without each other. I'm able to get more done now with 2 then I was able with 1 because they have each other to entertain.

Can't wait to see your baby! Hope your delivery/labor will go smoothly!