Saturday, October 18, 2008

What we've been up to....

You may have noticed the sparsity of posts recently. We are still alive, but most of our time is being spent packing (our things, not our children!) It's amazing how we can feel as though we have so little, and yet packing can consume SO MUCH of our time!

I also spent HOURS upon HOURS on the computer researching consumer reports, computing, searching out deals, calculating, etc. and we finally added a new member to (and, really, FOR) our growing family. Meet "Suzie" (named by Angel):

Yes, against our better judgment (prior to the prospect of having 3 kids, we thought we were 'too cool') we have now joined the ranks of the millions of minivan drivers on the road. And all I can say to you SUV lovers out there is: SPACE! We could seriously live out of this thing. And, since our purchase has left us completely penniless...if we can't afford rent we may do just that. (kidding, of COURSE. About living in the van.)

Anyhow, just know that, if you don't hear from us for awhile, it's because we are packing - then moving - then unpacking - and possibly then going to the hospital to have this baby (hopefully in that order!) We'll be sure and post updates when we can, though.


Krista said...

Great van! A Honda Odyssey, right? That is exactly the car we hope to get (but Marshall says not until baby #3, so I am in your boat exactly) What a great car- I bet you just LOVE the automatic sliding doors. I didn't know you were moving again- where are you moving to? Anyways, good luck with everything, and hope everything goes smoothly and as planned for you! And congrats again on the new van! I am jealous!

Ma Fitz said...

Hooray for mini-vans. We miss having one even though we can't necessarily justify it in accordance to the number of children living at home. But, they can take a lot of extra friends or family members, and lots of STUFF.

When's moving day? We'd be more than happy to help even if just for a day.

P.S. - Thanks for the photographer lead. Amy and Caleb were sitting right next to me when your message arrived and they liked her work alot. Too bad she didn't have weddings on there, but they'll be getting in touch with you.