Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Snow of the Season!

This morning we woke up to several inches of snow on the ground. The kids arose while it was still dark, as usual, but as soon as they looked outside they started BEGGING to go out and play in it! I insisted that they absolutely HAD to wait until the sun came up, at least, so they stood for the next hour or so with their noses pressed to the window. I couldn't resist the photo-op with their delightful morning hair! :)

OVERHEARD at the window:

Angel: "It's so beautiful!"
Grins: "Coming down! Snow coming down! WOT (a lot) of snow coming down!"

(In response to my question "What do you want to do when you go outside?"
Angel: "Make snow angels!!"
Grins: "Throw snow balls! Snowball fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" (is he a boy???)
Angel: "Make snow cones and eat them!"
Grins: "Catch snowflakes in our mouths, AHHHHHH!" (he proceeds to tilt his head back and demonstrate his snowball catching techniques, then both children break out in Barney's rendition of "If All the Snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes..."
Angel: "We could build a snowman!"
Grins: "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" (Just remember, this is a child who would - and often DOES - throw ANYTHING he can get his hands on - and snowballs are just about the ONLY parent-approved item he can throw at people, so snowball fights are pretty much HEAVEN to him.)

Fortunately for me, despite the fact that he was up all night with Angel, the Mr. offered to take them outside. Not that I didn't want to leave the warmth of my robe and slippers and try to stuff my gargantuan belly into some snow pants, but....needless to say, the Mr. is my hero. I then proceeded to gather up all the coats, snow pants, gloves, hats, socks, boots, etc. and get to work. After what seemed an ETERNITY (and not without a LOT of whining because they were MUCH too anxious to get outside to bother with bundling up) I got both kids bundled. The whole while, I was thinking "How am I EVER going to get THREE kids ready to play in the snow! Good grief!"

They finally made it outside, which is where they are as I write this. I helped myself to a nice, hot shower, and then made some hot cocoa and tea, hot cinnamon bread french toast and fresh fruit...but they have yet to come in from the cold. I keep getting glimpses of the flying snowballs, the snow angels being made and the snowmen being built, and wondering if I shouldn't break down and go join them. But then I remember my fuzzy robe and my warm, dry slippers and I am content for them to enjoy it with their Daddy. Does that make me a bad Mom? After all, we do live in Utah, so there will be plenty more snow days to come!...


Natalie said...

Wow, You've got snow already! It's still in the 70's here and I'm actually ready for it to consistently be jacket weather since I've already gotten out the fall clothes. I'm afraid that our kids won't have a lot of snow to play in here, but we'll see.

Ma Fitz said...

No "bad mom" thoughts allowed! Of course you're a good mom, of course there'll be more snow, of course they had fun with dad outside. All is well! All is well!

SarahKnowzMore said...

What's funny is at this point I look back on 3 kids and think how easy I had it.... Now with 5! and getting them ready. You get use to what you have... Don't get me wrong, what you had before is always easier... But at least you get "use to it" to a point... I mean you can always do better... I always say if we were perfect we wouldn't be here. but at least I know we can rise to the occasion, besides think of the alternative, If it's easier for me with three kids, that means I would have to give two back...I am sure you can imagine how that feels...

As to feeling like a "bad mommy" I am sure we are all going to look back and think we spent more time with are kids...but I think its heathy, especially for the kids to take a moment for ourselves. Not to mention Pregnant Mommies! Oh my goodness, do you need the moments to yourself... or at least to relax...