Monday, September 01, 2008

I Love My Family!

Friday the Mr. came home and announced that, since he is in between rotations, he got the entire weekend off! This hasn't happened in AGES (he has generally been "working" at his rotations 6-7 days a week, 16-18 hours a day and sometimes more) and is not likely to happen any time in the near future, so we took advantage, loaded up the car and kids, and headed for the mountains. We found ourselves a beautiful little secluded campsite on a stream, fairly close to a lake, and enjoyed nature and one another's company for a few days. It was WONDERFUL! Aside from my obvious lack of excitement about air mattresses and no running water, it was heaven! The kids were so excited to be outside and able to play in the water nearly 24 hours a day that they got along famously. I loved being able to prepare meals in less than 5-10 minutes with virtually no cleanup afterward. The Mr. loved being able to read a non-medical work and rely on his manly braun rather than his brains. And, best of all, we relished the time together as a family.

Since we had about 30 minutes to throw everything together and get on the road, I happened to forget socks for the kids and I, and the Mr. couldn't find his. The first night we all had FREEZING feet and none of us slept very well at all. The next morning we actually thought about driving into town and buying socks, we felt so desperate, but during the course of the day, the Mr. found the socks he had packed - 4 pairs to be exact - so that evening we each got a pair (in the kid's case, they were more like thigh-high long johns). Despite the thunderstorm and beating rain, we all miraculously slept very well that night. Who knew a little think like socks could change lives?!

I wish I had pictures to post, but unfortunately our camera is 'hiding' somewhere - we're hoping it will show itself soon! In the meantime, a couple of cute quotes from our little quick-wits:

Grins - Picked a dandelion and said "Daddy-lion!" Then walked to another, picked it and said "Mommy-lion". We all got a good laugh. The funniest thing was that he was dead serious.

Angel - Asked "Mommy, why does (name withheld) get frustrated more than you?"

Grins - Went inside the house and, after a minute, realized he had forgotten to remove his shoes (customary to do so in our home) - he clapped his hand to his head, as if exasperated, and said "Take shoes off, siwwy biwwy!" (his "L"s still sound a bit like "W"s)

Angel - "I met my husband (Grins) in Peru. We were loving it."

Angel - "Why does red mean stop?"

Angel - When we visited the Visitor's Center at Temple Square, we went to see the Christus. The Mr. went to ask the missionary if she could play the audio dialogue of Jesus speaking. Since the Christus is surrounded by stars, Angel asked the Mr. "Oh, did you ask them to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?" loud enough for everyone to hear.


Ma Fitz said...

Oh, I'm glad you got to go camping! That does sound like a lovely surprise thing to do. And I can totally relate about the no socks, cold feet problem. During the winter I sometimes can't sleep until I get up and put some on, but thankfully I have only to walk across the room to the dresser to do so. Glad you solved that little problem, AND survived the thunderous weather. You are all troopers!

Queen Bee said...

Ha ha ha. I needed a good laugh today, thanks for sharing the silly things your cute kids say!
I'm glad you got a weekend off, what a great surprise! :)

Heidi and Matt said...

looks like a great time, I am glad you guys are able to get out and do stuff with your hubby so busy!