Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy New Year

I'm sorry to note that it's been quite awhile since I've posted to this site. In truth I'm not sure how many read this but I figure that, even if it's just me writing, it's still a worthwhile use of my time.

Much has happened since I last posted:

We had a wonderful CHRISTMAS with family and friends! Our holiday season was full of good cheer, from the scrumptious foods to the caroling to the delight and wonder which filled our beautiful daughter's eyes as she beheld snow, Christmas lights and gift giving for the first time. We enjoyed our first Christmas as parent, which truly put the Spirit of Christmas in a whole new light for us, and had fun starting some of our own family traditions. To those of you who were with us during the holiday, thank you so much for your wonderful company and for making our holiday special. We treasured the time spent with you. And for those who we were not able to be with during the holiday, you were deeply missed. We hope to be able to spend many more holidays with you.

We entered a NEW YEAR, 2006. Because I like to 'start the New Year out right', we spent the evening in as a family, snuggling on the couch, finishing the Book of Mormon, and turning in early so we could arise early in 2006. It almost worked. :) In the one month we've had in this New Year, great things have already happened for our family. If it's any sign of things to come in 2006, it's going to be a spectacular year!

On January 8th, I found out that I had passed my Physician Assistant Board exam, therefore rendering me Nationally Certified to practice medicine. Although I still need to License in Utah and find a job, this is a huge relief to me, knowing that I will never have to endure such a rigorous board exam again. Taking it on Dec 27th meant that I gave up much of the holiday celebration and cheer in order to study, but, having passed and having it behind me makes all the sacrifice worth it!

On January 20th, we celebrated the FIRST anniversary of our sweet MAKEA'S entrance into the world. We can't believe how much joy, delight and meaning she has brought to our lives, nor how quickly this past year has flown by! I can still remember the eve of her birth as clearly as if it were last night, as I eagerly anticipated what it would be like to meet her, to hold her, and to have her in our lives. I remember as though it were yesterday, and yet, I cannot imagine or remember a time without her in our lives. She is so perfect. We love her so much.

So, Happy New Year to you all, a month late but heartfelt nonetheless. I hope this year proves a wonderful one to each of you and your families!

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