Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well, for those of you who haven't heard, Jon has now been accepted to every medical school to which he applied, with the exception of the University of Utah. Thanks to his intelligence, charismatic interview skills and his all around greatness, Jon has been accepted to two medical schools in Florida and one each in Maine, Arizona, Illinois and Pennsylvania. We are waiting to hear from the University of Utah, which does not send their acceptance letters out until April or May, but until then, Erie, PA is our number one choice.

Aside from this exciting news, we must keep you updated on our sweet Makea as well. Her repertoire of words and tricks now include: saying "hi" or "bye" while waving, clapping her hands for patty cake while saying "pah - pah", jumping up and down while saying "uh, dah, uh, dah", playing peek-a-boo (she just says "pee"), emptying shelves, cupboards and, yes, even trash cans, standing on her own, and walking while hanging onto furniture. She also loves to wow people with her growing vocabulary - "ball" (even oranges and tangerines are labeled as such), "baby" (most often heard when she's looking in the mirror), and "puppy" (her general term for all animals, both inanimate and living). Most of all, she loves to show everyone how brilliant she is by saying "E" every time she sees any word with the letter E in it. Yes, she is fun. We enjoy every minute with her!

We hope you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday season!


This girl said...

Hey, congrats to your dh btw. That's pretty impressive! Hope he gets in at the U too.

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