Thursday, August 09, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grins!

My dear, sweet, Grins,

Grins, just born
Happy Birthday, my son!!  Surely there is no child more lovable, more adorable, more precious than you!  I truly cannot imagine a mother being more grateful for a child than I am for you.  Words cannot begin to describe what a blessing and a privilege it is to be your mother.
Grins, age 1

Having you as my son is truly one of my greatest joys and treasures!  You entered this world as a meek and patient babe, and have continued to exude more patience, love and tenderness than any other boy I've ever known.  You are so sweet and gentle with your sisters (most of the time) and are always trying to make me and Daddy happy.  Your presence brings more love and warmth to our home and family than you'll ever know.

Grins, age 18 months
You are SUCH a hard worker! (You get that from your daddy!)  You are always anxious to get in and get done as quickly as possible!  (You especially like cleaning the bathroom and washing windows).  You are always the first one finished with your jobs, and then you help others with theirs.  Today, in honor of your birthday, I offered to make your bed for you - but you insisted on doing it yourself!  You also cleared the dinner table and loaded the dishwasher on your own birthday - without being asked!
Grins, age 2

You like to work hard, and then play even harder!  You've always been really interested in using your hands and playing with cars, trains, and building sets.  But your latest passion is definitely all things sports.  You can't name a favorite sport, since you really love them all, but you have had the most experience with t-ball/baseball and you certainly excel in it!  You also really love tennis, soccer, basketball and riding your bike.  It's often difficult for me to find the time to play ball with you, and your sisters certainly don't share your passion, but that doesn't stop you!  You will usually be found in the backyard, throwing or kicking a ball against the wall.  And you take advantage of every spare minute you have with Daddy - not a day goes by without you asking him to play with you!  You took your baseball glove to kindergarten to play at recess and after school; you were so thrilled to have others to play with!  I think I'm beginning to realize why you are continually begging for a younger brother! :)
Grins, age 3

You are very curious.  You are so interested in things around you, and are constantly posing questions which are admittedly difficult for me to answer or explain.  Some of your latest are: "what holds the sky up?", "how deep is the ground?", "how far up does space go?", "HOW do germs make your body sick?" and "why is the sky blue?"  Each day you ask, "What are we going to learn today?" and, "Can we do some science?"  I LOVE your hunger and thirst for knowledge!  How I wish I had nothing else to do but do projects and learn together - I think I could spend 24 hours each day and still not satisfy all of your curiosities!  I hope you will always be so inquisitive; I know it will serve you well.  I apologize that I don't have as much time as I'd like to devote to science projects, and also that I often lack the patience I ought to have when your curiosity causes problems (such as dropping Daddy's glasses down a pipe or losing a friend's frog....).  I know you mean well, and I am working at being more understanding!  Thank you for your patience with me as I learn to be a better mommy - your endless love and forgiveness is more than I could hope for!
Grins, age 4

You still have that sensitivity I so adore!  You are very aware of other's thoughts and feelings, and are quick to comfort or console others who are sad.  When I'm angry with one of your sisters, you are the first to rub her back or gently stroke her hair and offer some words of comfort.  You are especially sensitive to critique or harsh words.  I cherish your sensitive heart and hope you will keep it always.

Grins, age 5
You know how to have a good time!  You have an infectious giggle, a smile that lights up the darkest night, and a silly and sneaky sense of humor.  Your laugh is music to the ears of everyone around you, and you bring such joy and laughter into our home!

Grins, age 6
My son, my heart is overflowing with love for you.  Not for your many strengths and gifts - but simply for who you are.  You bring more joy to my life than I ever could have dreamed.  In the words of one of my favorite songs, "All I want is to hold you forever.  All I need is you more, every day....You gave your love away, and I'm thankful every day for the gift."  You, my son, are my most precious gift.  I love you!



Travelin' Bea said...

Happy b'day Grins... much love,b

Lazarus said...

Happy birthday, wonderful boy! We miss you and love you!
love, Biesingers :)