Thursday, December 01, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Dear Family and Friends,
Since not much has changed since our 2010 Christmas letter, this promises to be a pretty boring letter.…so we decided to let Wiggles (who just turned 3) write this year’s message, in an effort to ‘spruce things up’ a bit:

Dear Everybody,
Merry Christmas!  Jesus is born!  Christmas is the birth of the Newborn King, baby Jesus.  It’s Christmastime right now!!
We live in Maine in our house.  Our Daddy works at his work.  At the hospital.  He takes care of sick people.  He lives at the hospital too sometimes because he sleeps there.  Mommy stays home and cleans up.  And wraps presents.  And cooks dinner.  Angel (6)  works at school.  And she takes ballet at her dance class.  And she does her jobs.  Grins (5) goes to school at Kindergarten.  And he kicks soccer balls.  And he messes things up.  I am Wiggles.  I stay home with Mommy and help her clean up all the messes that I make.  And I sing.  And I play games with Mommy.  And toys.
I love Christmastime.  I love presents.  And I like wrapping presents.  And I love writing this letter.  And remember about Christmas.  It’s about Jesus’ birthday.  So we should be nice.  And be good.  And give some cake to Jesus. 
I love you!  All of you guys!

Wiggles (and the rest of the Buchanan family)

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