Monday, November 22, 2010

101 in 365

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great idea. The list I saw was 101 in 1001, but I don't think I can wait 3 years to get to I'm shooting for a year! That should still give me plenty of here I go! I will return and change the color of the items I complete - and add a post for the 'tangible'/visible projects (if I'm feeling extra motivated.)

1. Potty train Wiggles
2. Paint my computer armoire black and add hardware
3. Hang pictures on my walls
4. Finish painting the front room
5. Paint the great room
6. Rearrange the front room furniture
7. Build a shelf for my entry
8. Create an art supplies storage system
9. Not raise my voice at my children for an entire week
10. Teach Grins to read
11. Clean out the storage shed
12. Have another baby
13. Teach Angel some basic piano lessons
14. Teach Wiggles to read
15. Get rid of things I haven't used in 6 months
16. Get rid of the antique bottles I dug up in the yard
17. Organize my garage
18. Make the kids job boards
19. Create a better storage system for the coat closet
20. Rake all the leaves in my yard (not that I haven't already done it, but I think the leaves are finally finished falling so this might be the last time this season?)
21. Organize the kids' closet
22. Install mirrors
23. Clean off the bar
24. Organize and label the food storage
25. Organize my recipes
26. Organize my magazine clippings
27. Organize my filing cabinet
28. Set up my new ipod touch :)
29. Vacuum the car
30. Get a shop vac so I can vacuum my car from home!
31. Set up a good 'drop zone' for the Mr.
32. Get on a better shopping/meal planning schedule
33. Stick to a 'computer time' budget for at least 1 week
34. Run a race
35. Go without after-dinner snacks for at least 1 week
36. Put hooks in the kids closet
37. Organize the hair accessories
38. Find a cute way to organize my jewelry
39. Organize the desk
40. Implement a good system for dealing with 'hot spots'
41. Implement a good deep cleaning schedule
42. Implement a good scrapbooking schedule
43. Get curtains back up in the front room (must finish painting first....)
44. Put a valance in my kitchen window
45. Hang curtains in the dining room
46. Hang curtains in the kitchen
47. Sew or alter at least one item
48. Make bread
49. Write in my journal every day for a month
50. Set up Sunday stations again
51. Set up a Family Home Evening lesson file
52. Set up our Family Home Evening board
53. Involve the children in Family Home Evening more
54. Organize a "paper" system
55. Change the oil in the car by myself (I always wait for the Mr. but it is something I could do on my own!)
56. Set up my new bookshelf!
57. Sort through my scrapbook things
58. Come up with a system for preserving the childrens' creations
60. Make a book of Family Traditions we enjoy and others we would like to implement
61. Catch up on Christmas ornaments (I've sort of gotten out of the habit the last 2 years....)
62. Organize my 'misc' closet
63. Organize my armoire
64. Organize my cedar chest
65. Set up a 'mud room' in the basement before the snow starts
66. Move my armoire to make room for the wood stove
67. Toast marshmallows in our fireplace!
68. Have a yard sale and DECLUTTER (this will obviously have to wait until Spring!)
69. Carol and deliver holiday goodies to everyone on our street
70. Get our Christmas Cards out the day after Thanksgiving
71. Exercise 5 days/week for at least a month
72. Make a new yule log for our family tradition
73. Set up a "Gift Shop" where my children can spend their chore bucks on gifts for family members and friends
74. Host a Christmas Caroling (or other sort of) party in our neighborhood
75. Update our 72 hour kits with warm clothing
76. Do a Fall Cleaning of our house (Deep cleaning)
77. Organize my laundry room closet
78. Be completely prepared for the sabbath on Sat night for a consecutive month
79. Have a "yes" day for my children
80. Go on a date with the Mr.
81. Go to the temple at least 4 times before June 2011
82. Get my Maine Physician Assistant Licensure
83. Take pictures (and blog them) of my children every Sunday for a month. (I can do this now that I have a new camera!!!!! THANK YOU Mom and Dad B!!!!)
84. Implement a good photo organization/sharing system.
85. Implement a new 'responsibility' motivation system for the children.
86. Stay home at least 1 weekday/week for a month.
87. Do a good, thorough cleaning of my house each week for a month.
88. Do a family service project at least once a month for 6 consecutive months.
89. Put on a family play.
90. Perform a song as a family.
91. Visit family in Utah and/or Oregon.
92. Get Angel's camera hooked up and teach her to use it.
93. Host a family sock hop
94. Implement a better recycling system
95. Smooth out and lay rocks in the driveway
96. Finish our gratitude chain (taller than the house)
97. Blog every Sunday for 2 months
98. Remember and call/send a card to every family member on their birthday for an entire year
99. Keep a New Year's Resolution for a least the entire month of January
100. Leave the Mr. a love every day for a week.
101. Not complain about how much the Mr. is gone (aloud OR to myself) for an entire week! (NOT counting the week he is off....)
102. (OK, I keep thinking of more; why stop at 101?) Dance with my children every day for at least a week.
103. Have a freezer cooking day.


Queen Bee said...

Great idea! I think I need some motivation like this too. I may have to copy your idea as well! Thanks! Oh and good luck. Some of my things sound just like yours. Too bad we're not closer to do them together!

Queen Bee said...

Also, is this an announcement?? :) Or just a goal?

Sarah said...

Oh, yes, thanks Melissa, I should have specified: #12 is a GOAL, not an announcement. :) And given the amount of time it takes, the actual 'having' of the baby may have to come after the 365 day window - perhaps 'grow another baby in my womb' would be more appropriate. :)