Tuesday, October 05, 2010

First Love

(Unrelated, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Grins. Could he be any sweeter?)

Grins has the special opportunity of being surrounded by girls - besides his older and younger sisters, he is the only boy in his church class, the only boy in his preschool class....the only boy - his age - we know. As a result, all of his friends are girls. Which he doesn't mind one bit, and which has never seemed to make any difference to him.

Today he was priviledged to play with one of his sweet little friends named Chloe. We had a playdate with her this past weekend when she stayed over late while her parents were out, and the two of them were up long past their older siblings (11pm!), giggling and whispering together, despite my many efforts to get them to sleep! Apparently they had a lot of fun together again today, because on the way home we had the following conversation:

Grins: Chloe is my best friend. I actually think I am falling love with her.

Me: Well, it's great to have friends and she's a very nice girl. I'm glad you care so much about her.

Grins: Well, I actually want to marry her. Is there a temple in Maine?

Me (trying to be serious): No, not yet. The nearest one is in Boston, Massachusetts. Remember, that's where I went last weekend....

Grins: Well, I want to move to Boston, Massachusetts.

Me: Why? (Trying to see how far this would go...)

Grins: So I can take Chloe to the temple and marry her.

Me: Well, why don't you just be her friend right now, and think about getting married when you're much older. I would miss you too much if you ran off and got married right now!

Grins: Well, OK. But I definitely want to go to her house again.

Me: That sounds great. We'll make it happen soon.

Where does he come up with this? Why are my children going so fast???!! What a sweet little thing, this lover boy of mine! He'll make some woman very happy some day.....but for the time being, he makes me SO happy EVERY day! I am SUCH a lucky woman!


Steve and Katie said...

Yeah - Shylynn went through a kick where she was going to marry Kyler....then Quinton. She even kissed Quinton at church one day! Luckily she hasn't talked about being in love for a while. I think downplaying it and letting it blow over worked wonders!

The Stimpson Family said...

HAHA!! So funny!! Well guess what...Chloe was talking about marrying him!! She was sure that it would all work out. Then we figured out that Zach and Parker have your girls to marry!

After talking about it for a while, Chloe rememebered that she has always said that she wants to marry Zach and I can marry Parker. hahaha! We try to convince her she can't marry her brothers, but it just isn't sinking in!

But when I was telling her that she couldn't go off and get married right now, she looked at me all serious and said with a stern voice, "MOM! I have to get married when I am big because I WANT to have my own baby!!" Oh boy...my little mommy-wanna-be is getting ahead of herself!

So cute what these little guys say! We love having your kids over. I hope they can come over again soon!