Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Today has been full of frustration and disappointment on the "home front". We began the day by accepting the homeowner's offer and signing papers to 'seal' the contract. Assuming we were under contract, we began looking through the pictures we had taken, measuring out where we planned to place furniture, etc. Shortly thereafter, our realtor called with the bad news; the seller had retracted her offer. We made two additional counter offers, the final one offering the amount she had originally asked for, but she refused and has now withdrawn her home from the market.

We had loved the home and it's location and had easily imagined our family there from the first time we walked through it. So this news was somewhat discouraging. But we had seen several other houses we had also really liked, so we decided to put an offer on our second choice. Moments later we received the call: our second choice was already under contract (after 3 offers!). Not to be discouraged, we moved on to our third....also under contract after 3 offers. Apparently we know a good deal when we see one! Our fourth choice was - you guessed it - under contract. (Interestingly, three of these four had been on the market for several weeks - some even months - before we saw them last weekend! So we hadn't felt much pressure to make any immediate offers, and didn't realize they were such hot properties!)

At this point, I broke down in despair. We had returned home from Maine feeling blessed that we'd been able to view so many great options, all of which were in our price range, and all of which we felt would be great places for our family to live (and we are fairly particular, so this is saying something!) We have really felt impressed that buying a home rather than renting would be a wise investment, as we were able to get an outstanding interest rate, some great prices on homes (cheaper than rent!), and we were hoping to cash in on the $8000 first time homebuyer tax credit.

My patient and loving husband held me as I sobbed and, as we stood there in the kitchen in one another's arms, I suddenly realized: Wherever we are together, that is home. If we didn't find the perfect home - or any home at all, for that matter, as long as we have each other, we will be happy wherever we are. We have spent the last several years in old and crowded apartments, but these have been some of the best days of our lives. Our children don't notice the cinderblock walls or the tacky carpet; they remember the time we spend together and love we share. Perhaps we aren't building equity or itemizing deductions....but we are making memories which are more precious and will last far longer than anything money can buy.
(Match Day, March 18th, 2010)

Our search for homes is far from over. We still have several more properties on our list which, though slightly less desirable than our first four, would suit our family just fine for a few years. And I am sure we will be happy wherever we end up. But fortunately, I am learning to let go of the stress and disappointment and, instead, expend my energy on "being together" as a family.

(Post edit: This song has been running through my head since I wrote this. If you aren't familiar with it, click the link below to listen; it's a beautiful song!)

"Home can be a heav’n on earth

When we are filled with love, Bringing happiness and joy, Rich blessings from above— Warmth and kindness, charity, Safety and security— Making home a part of heaven, Where we want to be.

Drawing fam’ly near each week, We’ll keep love burning bright. Serving Him with cheerful hearts, We’ll grow in truth and light. Parents teach and lead the way, Children honor and obey, Reaching for our home in heaven, Where we want to stay.

Praying daily in our home, We’ll feel His love divine; Searching scriptures faithfully, We’ll nourish heart and mind. Singing hymns of thanks, we’ll say, “Father, help us find the way Leading to our home in heaven, Where we long to stay.”

Text: Carolyn Hamilton Klopfer, b. 1936. © 1985 IRI

Music: W. Herbert Klopfer, b. 1936. © 1985 IRI


Jennie said...

Oh no! My heart goes out to you. What a mess of frustrations! The Lord must really have a specific place for you in mind, for the people whose lives you'll touch for good and vice versa.

Thanks for sharing that song. It reminds me of one of my recent posts about how Heavenly Father answers/comforts me too.

You are an amazing example to me of a faithful woman and wonderful mother.

Queen Bee said...

Wow we know exactly how you feel. Almost a year ago right now I flew to Lubbock to look at houses. I looked at tons all weekend, including 2 I thought would be great for our family. They had been on the market several weeks to a few months. Finally decided to put an offer one and after the offer was in, I'd taken tons of photos, it had gone under contract the night before. And the so had the other one. WHAT! I found out the day I left Lubbock. So we were back to square one. Decided to put an offer on one, even had it inspected and found out it was horrible. Way worse than the pictures. And by then I was horribly morning sick and could hardly think about sitting up, let alone buying a house. So after months of things not working and not working and not coming together like we hoped we decided to get an apartment. We didn't want to have to move twice but when we decided that it felt so much better. So we moved into an apartment with a 3 month lease. It had a pool though and the kids learned to swim! And 2nd week in town we went looking for houses again and found our house! It was perfect, much cheaper than the original two and great for us. We had to move again of course but it all worked out, much better than I had "planned". Sometimes I think Heavenly Father knows much better than we do and lets us kind of squirm through things for a while until things are clearer. Sorry for your rough time with the house shopping, I know something will eventually work out and you'll look back and realize how great it is for your family for one reason or another. You'll be blessed, I'm sure of it! Good Luck!

Jana and Brett said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry. It's too bad we can't kickbox this thing out tonight!!! Sounds like you need a girls night! Did you hear we have a double partay for us?! Woohoo! Good luck with the rest of the hunt.

Natalie said...

When we were moving out east, my brother in D.C. looked at some apartments for us. There was one I really wanted, and we filled out all the applications and stuff and were under the impression that it was ours, but on the day we over-nighted our deposit, the landlord showed it to someone else and gave it to them. This was three days before we had to move. I think that was the maddest/most upset I've ever been. Nothing like moving 3000 miles to a place you've never been with two little kids and no place to live. But it worked out for the best in the end, and we're really happy with where we are (except for the schools, but that's another story!). Good luck with everything!