Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Because we're in the midst of moving, we have rescheduled our own personal Father's Day for next weekend, when we'll be kicking back on vacation instead of living between 2 houses, trying not to unpack on Sunday but still trying to find things, etc.

The talks in church, however, were obviously geared toward Father's Day. One story really struck me. A young woman in our ward (who, just as a side note, happens to be well-known throughout the country) was speaking of her grandfather. She shared how, as a young girl, her mother had asked her one day if she would like to go visit her grandfather. Feeling pressures of an upcoming school project, she declined, planning to visit him a few weeks later when school had let out for the summer. Unfortunately, her mother phoned the next day, letting the family know her grandfather had passed away. She said she has never forgotten the regret she felt for placing a small, now seemingly-insignificant school project get in the way of her last earthly moments with her grandfather.

This spoke to my heart, as I've been struggling with the same dilemma. My grandparents live a few states away and, though I could make the drive in less than a full day, the drive, cost of travel, change in time zones, and chaos/lack of structure associate with traveling are challenging, particularly since my 3 children ABHOR being strapped in their carseats for more than 15 minutes or so. If I had my choice I would never leave the city, let alone the state.

My grandparents, however, have an even more difficult time coming to visit us. And though we send cards and photographs, and try to grace them with phone calls every so often, I know it means much more to them to have us - and especially their GREAT grandchildren - in person. Their physical health is declining and, much faster, my grandmother's mentition is steadily deteriorating. Who knows how much longer she will recognize me, or how long either one of them will even be around.

So, the dilemma ensues. With all the chaos of the summer - moving, the Mr. studying for his second board examination and trying to apply for residency programs, etc. etc. - my grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding annivesary and have expressed that their grandest dream would be to have all their posterity together for a reunion (a dream which hasn't happened in AGES - 10 years at least, which was before any of the grandchildren were married, and long before there were any great-grandchildren.) Incredibly, there are not even any grandchildren on missions right now (for 2 more months, anyway!)

Could it come at a more inconvenient time? (Well, I guess I'm not having a baby right now - that would complicate things!) And yet, I can't imagine how I would feel were I to pass up this opportunity only to have it be my last chance with them (on this earth). Had I a crystal ball this would be a much easier decision. But alas, I am forced to rely on prayer and inspiration and determine how much my grandparents truly matter to me when all is said and done....

stay tuned for my decision. :)


Jennie said...

Good luck with it all. I know it is stressful going through a move and hubby school stuff. It would definitely be worth it to see the grandparents/family again though. It's just going to be a tough drive. But it'll make for some good memories. Good luck!

Brandon said...

I know what you mean Sarah. We're faced with the same decision. We're in the process of moving and I'm just starting grad school. I hope we can find a way to be there. We haven't been up to Oregon since Tonya and I met at EFY so it has been awhile.

Timani said...

What did you decide?

What state?