Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things I Will Miss

Every day I realize how fast my children are growing and it makes me sad. Because, despite the fact that I can't remember the last time I slept more than 2 1/2 (ok, maybe 3) hours straight or went more than 2 hours without saying "Be nice!" or took a shower without someone crying for me...I love my life. I could not love it more...ok, the only way I could possibly enjoy myself more was if I had less house/yard work so that I could have more time with my kids. They are just incredible. Rebellious and even dare I say beligerent at times, but nonetheless amazing.

Every day I try to breathe in deep their little 'kid-isms'; adorable little things I know I'll miss when they are grown.

Like Grins saying (looking at the Nativity) "Look! It's Mary and Joseph Smith!"

Or Angel saying "I need to prastic (practice) reading more"

Or Wiggles giggling at her two older siblings, while furiously kicking her legs as if trying to join in.

Or Grins signing "Best" (ASL you point 2 thumbs up - Grins points his pointer fingers up. It is adorably hilarious.)

Or Angel writing by "sounding it out" (Hanu=Hannah, Gramu=Grandma, Mam=Mom, Pup=Puppy, Muthr=Mother, Seru=Sarah and so on).

Or Wiggles trying to sit up and falling over head first because she's top-heavy.

Or Grins saying "Thwocwet" (chocolate).

Or Angel angrily storming off after being sent to her room while stating (as if telling a story) "And she stormed off angrily to her room....and then came back and said 'sorry'." Upon which she returns and says "Sorry Mommy!" As if she's following the script in her head. Now can the script please read that she obeyed her Mommy ALL the time from that point on??!

Or Wiggles shouting angry jibberish when she's tired.

Or Grins helping me peel garlic and asking "Why does the garlic have wrapping paper on it?"

Or Angel's love for our "special time" - the time during which the other two kids are sleeping and she and I have one-on-one time during which we color together, play games, and/or practice reading.

Or Wiggles gurgling herself to sleep.

Or Grins' contant concern for the happiness and well-being of his sisters - bringing them toys, stroking their hair and saying "It's ok, sister, I'm here. (Grins) is here." (I HOPE this never changes!!)

Or Angel asking for stories about "fairies, rainbows, flowers, and everything beautiful" (her direct quote), and then proceeding to tell me specifically how the story goes (ie - a story about a princess that rides a train, and on the train was a clown who was trying to make everyone happy. And the princess was wearing a yellow dress with a purple rose on the front, and purple rose earrings. And a purple headband......)

Or their incessant laughter - contagious giggles that they pass back and forth all day long, anywhere from the middle of the prayer (I struggle SO hard, and often fail, to keep from laughing; this reminds me exactly of my sister and I growing up!) to up to an hour after I put them to bed! I laugh just thinking of it; their laughs are seriously contagious!

Yes, indeed. Life. Is. Good.

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Ma Fitz said...

Love the 3rd person bit with Angel. That's hilarious. If you do get Carol's book sometime, I think Angel sounds like a Type 1! You'll have to see if you agree.