Sunday, August 10, 2008

Menu Plan Sunday

I am in need of some good summer recipes - by GOOD, I mean HEALTHY and CHILD FRIENDLY (my children aren't super picky but do turn their noses up at strong spices, etc.). By SUMMER, I mean main dishes which are good served cold. (I especially love cold soups as I just found that my kids will eat almost anything I serve in a bread bowl - last week we had creamy cucumber soup in bread bowls and they loved it!) So, any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Sunday - turkey meatballs, roasted potatoes, strawberry spinach salad
Monday - CALL NIGHT (Daddy doesn't come home) - kids choice
Tuesday - shrimp and sausage gumbo, grilled corn, watermelon
Wednesday - split pea soup in bread bowls, pacifica salad, canteloupe
Thursday - chicken cacciatore, steamed rice, cranberry salad,
Friday - grilled chicken, asparagus tortellini salad, baguette with dips, watermelon
Saturday - left overs


Jennie said...

Check out my recipe blog and look for Raman Chicken Salad. My girls LOVE it, and it's cold. :)

Or just regular italian pasta with mozarella cheese chunks and fresh tomatoes. YUM! Cold too. And super easy if you get the Suddenly Pasta box kind.

Another easy one is just a simple tortilla roll-up wrap. Using cheese, lunch meat and/or cream cheese on the tortilla. We love the garden veggie flavor cream cheese. Roll up and eat. Easy, hands on, and quick.

Good luck!

Ma Fitz said...

Sarah, check out this review of menu planning services. I use the first one reviewed and LOVE it, but there are some that are more kid-friendly. It has been a huge stress-reducer for me because I know I have all the ingredients (because they provide the exact shopping list for that week's menus) and can easily choose from one of the meals on that week's list. I wish I had known about something like this a long time ago.,21861,1626111-1179919,00.html

Ma Fitz said...

Sarah, you may want to get yourself a little meal planning service. They're not expensive and a huge stress-reliever. They send you the week's recipes and shopping list, you get the ingredients, and you're good to go. I found this review of 6 of them and chose the first one, but there are others that are more kid-friendly. Take a look:,21861,1626111-1179919,00.html

Colette Barker said...

Sarah, I saw this on Good Things Utah and thought you might be interested. It's free. I browsed thru it and it looks like there are some good recipes plus you can print off a shopping list.