Sunday, March 02, 2008

Creativity, SNEAKY creativity...

Our darling daughter was uninterested in the delicious chicken pot pie her daddy made for dinner this evening. We insisted that she eat at least a couple of bites before excusing her from the table, as she has a tendency to declare "starvation" when going to bed if she doesn't have dinner. She was taking her own sweet time so the rest of us had excused ourselves from the table and were working on the dishes, bedtime preparations, etc when she announced, "I'm Done!"
Her father looked over to see her sitting in front of an empty plate which, just a few short moments previous, had been untouched. He was pleasantly surprised and smug that we must be doing something right as parents when he suddenly saw her holding, somewhat coyly, something in her hand, seemingly trying to conceal it. He opened her hand to find the sock she had been wearing.... but instead of hanging flaccid and empty it was stuffed like a stocking on Christmas morning. We had a good laugh and proceeded to fill her plate with a fresh batch of pot pie (and, of course, emptied her stocking.) She eventually cleaned off her plate.

Now, I've heard of tucking food under one's plate, feeding it to the household pet, and even putting it up one's nose (ask my husband!!) to avoid having to eat it. But a sock? That's a new one. Does anyone have any similarly devious stories to share? :)


Sarah Mudaliar said...

That's too cute!!! That's definietly more creative than my kids have gotten, I tend to find a lot of food behind the couch, that seems to be their favorite hiding place. I can't tell you how many times I have asked them to clean, and found out later that they just throw stuff behind the tv or couch, or under the couches.

Natalie said...

Fortunately (or unfortunately, I'm not sure which) Hannah is not sneaky at all about getting out of eating her food. She usually either throws it in the garbage, tries to feed it to us, or chews it a couple of times then spits it out, thinking that must count.