Friday, April 07, 2006

Exciting News

This past week has been full of great surprises!

On Thursday we were delighted to see our baby via ultrasound (I LOVE modern medicine) and were grateful that, despite how cramped it is in there, the little tyke was willing to show us that Makea is going to get a little BROTHER. While this means we must develop an entirely new baby wardrobe (boys just don't look quite as cute in pink) we are excited and hopeful that Makea and her little brother will be the best of friends.

News we've been waiting years to hear finally made it's way into our mailbox Friday - Jon checked the mail to find what but a large envelope from the University of Utah with his name on it. Yes, the old saying "third time's a charm" rang true as we learned that thi year, on his third attempt, Jon was accepted into the U of U Medical School. Although we were disappointed the previous 2 years at his non-acceptance letters, in hindsight the tomong couldn't be better - I had the opportunity to receive my own Master degree and Jon was able to complete an MBA - neither of which would have been possible with an earlier acceptance. So we are thrilled and grateful that there is Someone with much more wisdom and foresight than us directing our lives!

We hope life is treating you as well! Keep in touch. :)

Jon & Sarah

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This girl said...

I am so excited and thrilled for you on both accounts. Tell your husband Congratulations from me. i will do everything i can to make your life easier....just let me know.